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Sunday, May 19, 2024  
10 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Superstore vandalised in Malaysia for ‘blasphemy’

Supplier says ‘offensive’ product was imported from China

A charged mob has vandalised a superstore in Malaysia for selling “offensive” products, saying that the printed sign on a brand of socks resembled the Arabic word for God.

According to media reports, they also threw a petrol bomb at the store. At least four people were arrested after the incident for hurting the religious sentiments of people.

Police said that there was no loss of life after the petrol bomb. “So far there has been zero investigation, but we are not denying that it may be related to the socks,” Wan Muhammad Zahri, the police chief in Kuantan, told AFP.

“The bomb, which landed on the carpet in front of the store, ignited and caused a small flame. No one was injured in the incident,” the Kuantan separately told Malaysiakini.

Pictures of the socks went viral on social media last month. Reuters reported that the owner of the superstore and his wife have been accused of “deliberately hurting the religious sentiments.”

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