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Sunday, May 19, 2024  
10 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Two-year-old girl miraculously survives fall from tall building

The girl's sister mistakenly kept the hall window open

A two-year-old girl miraculously survived a fall from the fourth-story building of a building in Saudi Arabia after her sister mistakenly left the hall windows open.

The incident took place in Afif, a city in central Saudi Arabia, in the Najd region.

The toddler’s father, Mouti’ Al Murshid, was astonished when his daughter, Retal, survived such a terrifying ordeal.

Al Murshid said that his wife and two children were in a room on the fourth floor. The toddler tumbled across the window when it was left open by her sister.

The father was out of the city on a work assignment in Riyadh and received a call from a security guard as he found the toddler.

The guard had initially thought that the child had passed away but was surprised to find signs of life. The guard then took the child to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the father rushed back to Afif and sought medical evaluation as she was alive.

Al Murshid expressed his gratitude to God for saving his daughter’s life.

He believed that his daughter would have been dead as he acquired the news as she was taken to emergency after the fall.

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