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Mannat Murad rewards viewers with happy ending

The penultimate episode had hinted that the happy ending could be on the cards
Photo screengrab
Photo screengrab

Pakistani drama Mannat Murad concluded with a happy ending on Tuesday with something in it for everyone.

The story revolves around a couple who opt for a love marriage but face obstacles from their family while trying to settle into their life.

In addition, the drama depicted the typical clashes within a traditional family, the drama also includes some humorous scenes that have gone viral on social media.

Mannat Murad was penned by Nadia Akhtar and produced by 7th Sky Entertainment.

The cast of the drama features talented actors such as Talha Chahour (Murad), Iqra Aziz (Mannat), Irsa Ghazal, Rabya Kulsoom, Syed Tipu Sharif, Noor Ul Hassan, Rahma Zaman, Muzna Ibrahim, Tipu Sharif, Mustafa Changezi, and Uzma Hassan.

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The penultimate episode had hinted at a happy ending, as Murad, the brother of two sisters and the apple of his mother’s eye, starts favouring his wife. Fans were eagerly waiting to see if he would take a stand for Mannat and it happened in the wrapping episode. And they were rewarded

Viewers also appreciated Mannat’s decision to arrange a marriage for her elder brother with Murad’s sister, Fazilat.

However, the ending leaves Murad’s younger sister, Niggi, alone, and many fans express disappointment about the unfortunate situation that unfolds for Niggi.

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