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Saturday, July 13, 2024  
06 Muharram 1446  

Imran Khan responds to Rana Sanaullah’s ‘threat’

The interior minister had said that only one from the government or Imran Khan can survive

“I hope both survive, but…”

Allegations of a murder plot have been a part of Imran Khan’s recent speeches. But when asked about Rana Sanaullah’s apparent threat in a recent interview, the PTI chief seemed unfazed, even nonchalant.

“I hope both survive,” Imran Khan told reporters in an informal chat as he came to the Islamabad High Court for a hearing.

“But if he says (either us or him), then I’ll say that it will be he who won’t survive,” he said. The he Imran refers to is Rana Sanaullah.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah had recently said in an interview that matters had come to a point where only one of either Imran or the PML-N could survive.

“If we think our existence is in jeopardy then we will go to any extent,” he added.

He also added that what began as a political rivalry has now descended into an enmity. He also said that if things come to a head, things like democratic norms cannot be taken into account.

But Imran Khan, who sat chatting as bail proceedings went ahead in the courtroom, gave signs of a conciliatory approach as well.

“The door for negotiations is always open for politicians,” he told reporters, adding that he was ready to talk to the government.

“But talks will go ahead on a one-point agenda: elections,” he added.

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