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Top 7 Astonishing beauty standards in the world

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Web Desk: The world is full of diverse culture. In some of the culture, many unique beauty standards have been maintained.

Have a look on these extraordinary and equally scary beauty standards.

Yanomami Tribe, Brazil

The tribe is from South America, they pier sticks on adolescence to decorate them.

Daasanach Tribe, Ethiopia

The tribe lives in Omo Valley in Ethiopia, they take our waste and turn it to jewelry.

Apatani Women, India

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The tribe exists in Arunachal Pradesh. Their women are considered more beautiful than neighboring tribes. To not to look unattractive for other men, they wear nose plugs.

Afar Tribe, Ethiopia

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Afar is from Ethiopia, their women sharpens end of their teeth.

Mursi Tribe, Ethiopia


The tribe’s women are known for their lip plates. Initially, it was attempted for protection against slavery, but now has become symbol of beauty.


Dayak Women, Indonesia

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Dayak tribe in Indonesia considers enlarge earlobes, as a sign of beauty.

Aegyo sal or baby fat eyebags, South Korean


South Korean women want to be cute as babies, so they go through plastic surgery or wear makeup. The latest method is baby fat eyebags, which inject extra fat into the eyebags.

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